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Public Works

Beniach Construction Company provides a number of services to public works. From enhancing the look of a roadway to improving the functionality of a community park, Beniach delivers quality work every time.

Check out our project gallery below to see some of our work.

Oil and Chip - 2022

Oil and chip work performed in McLean County, Coles County, IDOT District 7 Maintenance Facilities and City of Chrisman

IDOT PCC Patching - 2022

130 Cumberland County, I57 Champaign, Coles & Douglas County, IDOT Effingham IL 32 & US 45

IDOT Microsurfacing - 2022

Microsurfacing IL 116 Benson, IL, US 150 Carlock, IL, Mason Co Highways 4,14,20

IDOT Microsurfacing - 2021

Microsurfacing US 51 Christian County, US 36 Douglas County, US 50 Marion County, Coles County CH 2, Moultrie County CH 19

IDOT PCC Patching - 2021

PCC Patching IL 130 Cumberland County, I57 Douglas County, IDOT Mattoon IL121, US45 & IL 16, I 70 Brownstown Weigh Station

Oil and Chip - 2021

Oil and Chip work performed in Livingston County, McLean County, Coles County and City of Chrisman.

IDOT PCC Patching - 2020

US 51 DeWitt County, I57 Marion County, I 74 Carlock Weigh Station, City of Danville, Coles County

IDOT Microsurfacing - 2020

US 40 Fayette County, US 45 Effingham County, I72 Piatt County

IDOT Oil and Chip - 2020

Oil and Chip work performed in IDOT Dist 7 Effingham Headquarters, McLean County, and City of Lincoln.

IDOT Microsurfacing - 2019

Several paving projects across Central Illinois, including: IL 116 in Pontiac, IL; 13 in Marion, IL; Dieterich, IL Blacktop in Clay County; County Highway 11 in Coles County, IL; I74 in Champaign, IL

IDOT PCC Patching - 2019

Provided PCC patching services at several locations across Illinois, including: I-39 near Tonica, IL; US 34 near Leland, IL; I-39 near Minonk, IL; US 45 Effingham, IL; IL 16 in Charleston, IL

City of Effingham W. Jefferson St. - 2019

Downtown streetscape project with new concrete pavement and stamped crosswalks.

City of Effingham Outer Belt West - 2019

This Effingham, IL project included sidewalk drainage improvement, electrical work, and installation of a new sidewalk.

Mahomet Sunny Acres - 2019

Mahomet, IL project that included road drainage improvements and new PCC pavement.

Oil and Chip Projects - 2019

Oil and Chip work performed for several state, county, and municipalities across Illinois, including: IDOT project in Moultrie County, IL; IDOT project in Clay County, IL; McLean County, IL; Livingston County, IL; Coles County, IL and City of Lincoln, IL.

Lincoln Trails State Park - 2017

Performed several drainage and aggregate improvements to Lincoln Trails State Park located near Marshall, IL in Clark County.

City of Effingham - 2017

Performed concrete work on 3rd Street and Clark Avenue. Also provided curb & gutter replacement and concrete patching services at various locations throughout the City of Effingham.

I-70 West Bound Rest Area near Altamont, IL - 2017

Removed the existing concrete parking areas, stabilized base, and installed new concrete parking lot.

Middle Fork State Park - 2017

Provided multiple drainage, aggregate, and Oil & Chip improvements throughout Middle Fork State Park, located near Oakwood, IL in Vermilion County.

Oil and Chip Work - 2017

Performed oil and chip work at several locations throughout the State of Illinois; including McLean County; Henry County; Livingston County; Kane County; City of Chrisman, IL; Middlefork State Park; and IL 96 in Henderson County.

Concrete Patching - 2017

Patching projects for Illinois Department of Transportation on I 39, IL 23, IL 133, US 50, IL 16, in the City of Urbana, IL and City of Effingham, IL.

Village of Savoy - 2017

Installation of new concrete pavement in Savoy, IL.

Beecher City Sidewalks - 2016

Safe Routes to Schools project upgrading sidewalks in Beecher City.

Shelby County, IL Whitetopping - 2016

Milling, roadway widening, drainage improvements, patching, and whitetopping of 2.0 miles of County Highway 14 near Oconee.

Oil and Chip - 2016

Oil and Chip work performed in various communities throughout Illinois, including: McLean County, Hamilton County, Livingston County, City of Lincoln, City of Chrisman, City of Georgetown, and City of Galesburg.

City of Effingham, IL - 2016

Concrete work on both Raney Street and Pike Avenue in the City of Effingham.

Concrete Patching - 2016

Patching throughout Illinois for IDOT at City of Urbana, and City of Effingham.

Sam Par State Park - 2016

Installation of new sidewalks and drainage improvements at the entrance of the park.

IDOT Aggregate Shoulder Work (Douglas, Vermilion, Edgar Counties) - 2015

Illinois Department of Transportation project - Installed new aggregate shoulders, installed new edgeline rumble strips, and restripe edgelines

Village of Savoy Patching - 2015

PCC Patching on Westley Avenue and Lyndhurst Drive in Savoy.

Champaign Park District - 2015

Wesley Park Basketball Court: remove existing asphalt court and replace with new PCC Basketball Court and erect 4 new basketball hoops.

City of Tuscola, IL - Justice Avenue - 2015

New PCC City Street from E. Northline Road to Barker Street in Tuscola, trimming existing subgrade, 8” aggregate base, new PCC Curb & Gutter, and new 8” PCC Pavement

Clinton Marina - 2015

Removed and replaced sidewalks at the Clinton Marina in Dewitt County to conform with 2% ADA requirements.

IDOT N. 9th Street Shelbyville, IL - 2015

Illinois Department of Transportation project - New storm sewers, curb and gutter, driveways, and new PCC pavement overlay on N. 9th Street from Lake Shelbyville Dam Road to the railroad tracks

Illinois Capital Development Board - 2014

Fourth Street on the east side of Memorial Stadium at the University of Illinois from Kirby Avenue to Armory Avenue, including new storm sewer, reconstruction of concrete pavement, remove and replace curb and gutter, milling and overlay, and some sidewalk replacement.

City of Champaign - 2014

Concrete Street Maintenance, consisting of concrete patching and reconstruction of Fourth Street, Phillips Drive and McKinley Avenue. Also included sidewalks and driveway aprons as needed.

Village of Cerro Gordo - 2014

Veteran’s Park Walking Path, excavated and poured a concrete path 9,127 feet long around the lake.

City of Danville - 2014

Bowman Avenue approximately 7500’ of new curb and gutter along with various new driveways and bus turn outs.

City of Danville - 2014

Maple Street, May Street, and Pries Street consisting of patching and reconstruction with some new curb and gutter, mill and overlay, and some new storm sewer.

City of Champaign - 2013

Brick Surface Rehabilitation, Sidewalks, Curb & Gutter, Driveway Aprons, Alley Maintenance, and Pavement Remediation.

City of Urbana - 2013

Main Street Improvements from Grove Street to Dewey Street in Urbana consisting of sidewalk, curb & gutter, driveways, and retaining walls.

City of Shelbyville - 2013

PCC Pavement Resurfacing and reconstruction on 5th, 8th, and Hickory Streets in the City of Shelbyville.

City of Tuscola - 2012

Main Street Patching, Washington Street Patching, and Prairie Street School entrance reconstruction.

Douglas County Health Department - 2012

New PCC parking lot replacing old oil & chip lot and drainage work for storm water run off.

Clay County, Iola Road - 2010

Concrete overlay including rotomilling of existing surface, 104,000 SY of new Portland Cement Concrete pavement 5” in thickness.

Richland County, Wakefield Road - 2010

Concrete overlay including rotomilling of existing surface, 117,500 SY of new Portland Cement Concrete pavement 5 1/2” in thickness.

Mt. Zion Fletcher Park - 2009

New parking lot at Fletcher Park in Mt. Zion, IL including aggregate base, curb & gutter, and 7,011 SY of new Portland Cement Concrete pavement.

Tuscola Ficklin Street - 2008

Complete reconstruction of a Ficklin Street in Tuscola, IL; including storm sewer, watermain, block walls, sidewalk, curb & gutter and 11,000SY of new Portland Cement Concrete pavement.

Clay County, Bible Grove Road - 2008

Concrete overlay including rotomilling of existing surface, 96,000 SY of new Portland Cement Concrete pavement 5” in thickness.

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