Beniach Constructions offers a number of services for wind farm and public sector projects.

Culvert Pipe/Concrete Box Installation

With an excavator or backhoe, we remove existing culvert pipe and replace it with new larger culvert pipe or concrete boxes.

Micro Surfacing

Micro Surfacing can produce many benefits, not only by improving the physical pavement condition, but also by being a cost effective and financially responsible treatment strategy that preserves past investments in existing highways, roads and streets.

Oil & Chip

To strengthen roads, we use an oil distributor, chip spreader, and roller to apply road oil and cover it with aggregate chips.

PCC Curb & Gutter, PCC Sidewalk

We're ready to work on new projects or remove and replace old ones.

PCC Patching Class A, B, and C

We can remove and replace concrete patches in roadway.

PCC Whitetopping

We have the expertise to rotomill to establish grade, patch, and place concrete utilizing a concrete paver with thicknesses from 5” to 6 ½”.


A 500 HP reclaimer/stabilizer grinds the existing roadway to pulverize the oil and chip roadway with the existing aggregate sub-base.

Roadway Paving/Strengthening

We use a variable-width asphalt paver to install additional aggregate in lifts up to 6" and widths ranging from 16' to 20'.

Shoulder Work

We use a road widener to install new dirt shoulders adjacent to new aggregate roadbeds.

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